Ornament Cake Pops

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After creating the fun reindeer cake pops I just had to create another holiday cake pop for an upcoming holiday gathering for my husband’s family. I saw pictures of ornament cake pops while browsing pictures of cake pops on the Internet and decided to give them a try!

Green OrnamentWhite Ornament

To create these pops I used:
-vanilla cake pops made from a box mix and store bought frosting
-green and white candy melts
-mini Rolo’s
-chocolate candy melts (to attach the Twizzlers to the Rolo’s and the Rolo’s to the cake pops)
-holiday sprinkles

Some of the pictures I saw were of ornament cake pops using sprinkles (like the ones I did), but I also saw some that used melted chocolate or frosting to create designs on the pop. I tried to make a design on the pops using a tube of what I thought was frosting. It ended up being gel and wiped right off the pop, which is why I opted to only use sprinkles.

Of all the cake pops I’ve made, my husband said these were his favorite, but I think he liked that they were all vanilla since I usually have some chocolate in the pops (he’s not a big chocolate fan). They also weren’t quite as sweet as some of the others. I love anything sweet, so I guess it’s all in what you like!

Happy baking!