No-Sew Tutu

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Finished Tutu with title

While I was at the craft store picking up supplies for my “Fauxby” Wrap, I also picked up supplies to make a no-sew tutu. I had found a tutorial at Treasures for Tots and knew I could handle putting this tutu together.

For the tutu, I purchased two 6″ spools of tulle (light pink and a shimmery gray) and 3 feet of black satin ribbon. The supplies cost me about $10, but the gray tulle was a bit more expensive because it was shimmery.

To begin, I followed Treasures for Tots directions to cut the tulle using a 15″ by 7″ piece of cardboard.

First, I wrapped the pink tulle around the cardboard.

Pink Rolled with words

Then I used two rubber bands to secure the tulle in place.

Pink Banded with words

I was then able to easily cut the tulle to make my 15″ pieces.

Pink Cut with words

I took the rubber bands off, made a stack with the pieces, then did the same thing with the gray tulle.

Gray Rolled with words

Gray Banded and Cut with words

Then it was time to make the tutu! I took my stacks of tulle and alternated between three pieces of pink and three pieces of gray. To attach the tulle to the ribbon I used a slip knot.

Knot with words

I know my picture isn’t too clear, but there are some great pics on the Treasures for Tots website.

To make a slip knot, take one piece of tulle and fold it in half. Place it under the ribbon, then pull your “tails” through the loop going around the ribbon. Pull tight and push the knots as close together as possible to make your tutu fluffier!

It took me about 45 minutes, start to finish, to make the tutu. It was super easy and I am totally in love with it! I can’t wait to put it on my little cupcake!!

Finished Tutu with words

Happy crafting!


Creating Cake Pops

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Pink Cake Pops

I am making some cake pops for a photography class I am taking from Beryl next weekend and I wanted to try out a new design- a camera! I’ve never really shown how I make my cake pops, so here are all the steps I went through to create them!

What you will need:
Cake made from a cake mix
Container of store-bought frosting
About a half of a package of Oreo cookies crushed
Cookie Scoop
Sucker sticks
Candy Melts- black if you are making the cameras, or whatever color you choose if you are just making the pops
Small round sprinkles in white and any other color of your choosing
Ball sprinkles
Styrofoam Block
Wax paper

First, I made a vanilla cake from a box. If you don’t want all cake pops you can make half of the batter into cupcakes and half into a cake.
Cake Out of the Oven

After the cake cooled I broke it up into small pieces. I use my hands to break it up- it’s just easier than trying to use a fork, spoon, or something else.
Broken Up Cake

My husband requested cookies and cream cake pops so I smashed up some Oreos and added them to the top of the broken up cake…
Cake with Oreos on Top

Then mixed all the pieces in.
Oreos Mixed

Then I took about three-fourths of a container of icing and put it on top of all the pieces.
Frosting Container

Cake with Frosting on Top

I have found it much easier, again, to mix everything with my hands. I usually take the cake pieces and put them on top of the icing so it’s not quite as messy. My mix looked like this after I was done. You want the mix to be moldable and not too sticky.
Cake with Frosting Mixed

I used a cookie scoop to help make sure I used about the same amount of the mix for each cake ball/camera. I only made six cameras since I was just trying them out.
Bare Cake Balls

Then, I put the cake balls and cameras in the freezer for about 15 minutes to harden a bit. While the dough was cooling I set everything up that I would need to decorate the cake pops. For the camera cake pops, I melted black candy melts, took out 6 white small round sprinkles, and three blue and three pink sprinkles to use as the “button” on the top of the camera. For the pink cake pops, I melted the pink candy melts and had all the sprinkles in a bowl ready to put on the pops. I also put down wax paper to protect the table, had the sticks ready, and a Styrofoam board set up to stand the cake pops after they were decorated.
Melted Chocolate
Ready Table

After I had everything ready, I took the cake balls/cameras out of the freezer. I dipped the ends of the sticks in the melted chocolate and stuck it into the cake balls and cameras.

I let these dry for a bit, then started by dipping the cameras into the black melted chocolate. I tapped any excess chocolate off of the cameras, then immediately put the white sprinkle where the “lens” was and the pink or blue “buttons” on the top while the chocolate was still wet. I then put them in the Styrofoam to dry.
Camera Cake Pops

I followed the same process for the pink cake pops, except I only put the white ball sprinkles on the top of the cake pops while the candy coating was still wet.

After I finished all of them, I put them in the freezer to harden the chocolate coating.

To finish them off and see what the “finished product” would look like, I put a couple of them in the sucker bags and tied them off with a pink polka-dot ribbon.
In Bag

My husband gave me his approval of the cake pops, eating two before I even posted this blog post!

Have fun making your own cake pops!
Baking love,