Exciting Times!

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I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it! Today has been a fabulous day full of exciting things!

First, last night while I was looking at blogs I came across a blog that talked about “Foodie Pen Pals.” This completely intrigued me…a pen pal with food…where do I sign up?! Basically, once you sign up, you are given a person’s name on the 5th of the month (I signed up at the last minute…literally). You have until the 15th to send them their food box, then you blog about your experience at the end of the month. I was SO excited to see the e-mail in my inbox this morning of the pen pal matches! And now the fun begins- making a box for my pen pal this month! If you are interested in this program too, head over to The Lean Green Bean to sign up!

Second, I signed up for a cake decorating class and bought myself a huge cake decorating kit. I have been wanting to take cake decorating classes for months and I finally have the time to take them…so, so excited!!!

Third, a friend’s birthday is Monday which means I get to do some baking tomorrow! She told me her favorite flavors are chocolate and salted caramel. I found a delicious sounding recipe for chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting. I CAN’T WAIT to try out the recipe tomorrow! And this recipe calls for homemade caramel sauce, something I’ve never made before, but am so looking forward to trying! Watch for a blog post tomorrow detailing the cupcake recipe!

And finally, another friend of mine is gluten-free and she often tells me that it is really hard to find good gluten-free baked goods. It has now become somewhat of a challenge for me to bake some deliciousness for her to eat- it just doesn’t seem fair to not be able to eat yummy baked goods! We ordered all the supplies and I’m excited to start experimenting next week! I’ll be sure blog about my adventures with gluten-free baking!

Baking love!