No-Sew Tutu

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Finished Tutu with title

While I was at the craft store picking up supplies for my “Fauxby” Wrap, I also picked up supplies to make a no-sew tutu. I had found a tutorial at Treasures for Tots and knew I could handle putting this tutu together.

For the tutu, I purchased two 6″ spools of tulle (light pink and a shimmery gray) and 3 feet of black satin ribbon. The supplies cost me about $10, but the gray tulle was a bit more expensive because it was shimmery.

To begin, I followed Treasures for Tots directions to cut the tulle using a 15″ by 7″ piece of cardboard.

First, I wrapped the pink tulle around the cardboard.

Pink Rolled with words

Then I used two rubber bands to secure the tulle in place.

Pink Banded with words

I was then able to easily cut the tulle to make my 15″ pieces.

Pink Cut with words

I took the rubber bands off, made a stack with the pieces, then did the same thing with the gray tulle.

Gray Rolled with words

Gray Banded and Cut with words

Then it was time to make the tutu! I took my stacks of tulle and alternated between three pieces of pink and three pieces of gray. To attach the tulle to the ribbon I used a slip knot.

Knot with words

I know my picture isn’t too clear, but there are some great pics on the Treasures for Tots website.

To make a slip knot, take one piece of tulle and fold it in half. Place it under the ribbon, then pull your “tails” through the loop going around the ribbon. Pull tight and push the knots as close together as possible to make your tutu fluffier!

It took me about 45 minutes, start to finish, to make the tutu. It was super easy and I am totally in love with it! I can’t wait to put it on my little cupcake!!

Finished Tutu with words

Happy crafting!


No-Sew “Fauxby” Wrap

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Fauxby Wrap Title

Since I’m pregnant I’ve been looking for ways to save money on all the things I will need/want for the baby. One thing I’ve heard is good to have is a Moby Wrap. After going to the store and seeing how much they cost, I decided against registering for one, but rather took a friend’s advice to make my own. I went on a hunt for a “Fauxby” Wrap tutorial and came across Rookie Moms website. Their directions looked easy enough, so I set off for the fabric store!

At the store I purchased 5 yards of a 4% spandex, 96% cotton knit fabric. (I couldn’t find 5% and 95%, but the fabric still seemed stretchy enough.) It cost me a little under $30 for the fabric.

When I got home, I laid out the fabric folded in half.

Fabric with words

Then I cut along the fold.

Long Cut with words

Cut with words

And then I was done! I now have not one, but two “Fauxby” Wraps to use when my little cupcake arrives! And, honestly, the hardest part of the whole project was finding the fabric!

There is a good video on the Rookie Moms site that shows how to put on the Moby Wrap- I’ll definitely need to use this when baby girl is here, but I tried it out (even over my pregnant belly) and it looks like my “Fauxby” Wrap is going to work just fine!

Happy crafting!