Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day

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January 2013

This month was my first month participating in Foodie Pen Pals and what fun it was! To be a Foodie Pen Pal there are few rules- check out The Lean Green Bean‘s website for more details!

This month, Crissie from RunCrissieRun sent me an awesome box of goodies, which you can see a picture of above. First, the letter was one of my favorite parts of the box because it told me why Crissie included the items in the box- she was very thoughtful! Next, there was a re-usable bag, which has already gotten a ton of use! I don’t have nearly enough of these bags so I was so happy to receive another! Next, the Sea Salt and Vinegar Popchips…ummm…YUM!!! My husband and I immediately opened these after I took the picture and they were gone within a day! Crissie also sent us a recipe to go with the mason jar of lentils…I’m so excited to try this; I’ve never had lentils before! Finally, there was a delicious smelling bar of lavender soap from a local shop in Crissie’s area. This box was such a wonderful surprise in the middle of a crazy month! I can’t wait to participate again next month!

The Lean Green Bean

Foodie love,


Holiday Cake Pops

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The holiday season is always a wonderful time of the year full of family, friends, gift giving, and, of course, baking. This year I decided to try out something a little different. While I LOVE to make (and eat!) Christmas cookies, I came across some extremely cute cake pops that I just had to try! For my first “experiment” I used Bakerella‘s cute picture to create my own, almost as cute, reindeer cake pops.

To create these delicious pops I used:
-chocolate cake balls, made from a box mix and store bought frosting
-dark chocolate candy melts
-mini pretzels, broken in half
-brown and red M & M’s
-white round sprinkles
-black food pen

I love dark chocolate, which is why I used the dark chocolate candy melts, however, since the chocolate was so dark, when I tried to draw on the reindeer’s mouth with the black food pen, it wouldn’t show up. I also think the next time I make these I will break out the middle part of the pretzel so the antlers will look less like ears!

I used half of the cake balls to make the reindeers and the other half to make some festive cake pops! Again, I used the dark chocolate candy melts to coat the cake pops, along with some red, green, and white sprinkles.
Holiday Cake Pops

Happy holiday cake popping!