No-Sew Tutu

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Finished Tutu with title

While I was at the craft store picking up supplies for my “Fauxby” Wrap, I also picked up supplies to make a no-sew tutu. I had found a tutorial at Treasures for Tots and knew I could handle putting this tutu together.

For the tutu, I purchased two 6″ spools of tulle (light pink and a shimmery gray) and 3 feet of black satin ribbon. The supplies cost me about $10, but the gray tulle was a bit more expensive because it was shimmery.

To begin, I followed Treasures for Tots directions to cut the tulle using a 15″ by 7″ piece of cardboard.

First, I wrapped the pink tulle around the cardboard.

Pink Rolled with words

Then I used two rubber bands to secure the tulle in place.

Pink Banded with words

I was then able to easily cut the tulle to make my 15″ pieces.

Pink Cut with words

I took the rubber bands off, made a stack with the pieces, then did the same thing with the gray tulle.

Gray Rolled with words

Gray Banded and Cut with words

Then it was time to make the tutu! I took my stacks of tulle and alternated between three pieces of pink and three pieces of gray. To attach the tulle to the ribbon I used a slip knot.

Knot with words

I know my picture isn’t too clear, but there are some great pics on the Treasures for Tots website.

To make a slip knot, take one piece of tulle and fold it in half. Place it under the ribbon, then pull your “tails” through the loop going around the ribbon. Pull tight and push the knots as close together as possible to make your tutu fluffier!

It took me about 45 minutes, start to finish, to make the tutu. It was super easy and I am totally in love with it! I can’t wait to put it on my little cupcake!!

Finished Tutu with words

Happy crafting!


Superhero Capes

WE’VE MOVED! Go to to see what we have been working on!


My friend, Beryl, had a challenge that she had to complete for an upcoming business conference where she and a “sidekick” had to dress up like superheroes in public for at least two hours. When she told me about the challenge, we talked about what she could do and superhero capes came up in the conversation. She asked if I would make the capes for her, and I readily accepted! It had been a long time since I had something to sew so it was exciting to know I’d be able to get back behind the sewing machine!

Beryl, her daughter Brielle, and I all went to the fabric store one evening to pick out the fabric and then I was ready to get started! I found a tutorial on which looked simple enough!

To make Brielle’s cape I followed the directions found at Momsrising exactly. I did add a patch to the back that said “Super B,” which actually proved to be a bit more challenging than I originally thought. To put the “Super B” on the back, I created WordArt in Microsoft Word (this was the only way I could find that I was able to make a mirror image of the words). I printed the mirror imaged “Super B” onto iron on sheets. Then, I took white fabric and ironed on the “Super B.” I made the mistake of not measuring the patch before cutting and just eyeballing where I thought the cuts should go. When I realized it wasn’t perfect, I ended up cutting off a little more than I wanted (you can see that a slight part of the B got cut off). I normally would have redone the patch, but I was running out of time and decided if I was able to change it I would, but I thought it still came out pretty cute!

Here is a picture of the “Super B” cape- sorry for the horrible picture quality…it was the only one I took before giving them to Beryl!

Super B

Next, I made Beryl’s cape. I used the same general idea to make the cape, but instead of only 2 yards of fabric we got 3 yards. I changed the amounts for the top and bottom to 9 and 15 to make sure they would be appropriate lengths for an adult. I did have quite a bit of leftover fabric from each cape, but I would rather have too much than too little! Since there was so much fabric in the cape, when I sewed the patch on the back, the fabric kept bunching. I ended up having to resew the patch on because it was so bunched. When I sewed it on again, it still bunch a little, but it was the best I could do in the time I had!

Here’s what Beryl’s cape looked like when I was finished:
Super Mom

Next came the challenge of actually wearing the cape in public! I think Beryl and Brielle rocked those capes!! The next two photographs are from Blaire at Second Ave Photography!

B2 Pow

B2 Walking

What a wonderful day of memories for Beryl and Brielle!

Crafting love!