Cake Decorating Week 4

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Week 4 Cake

This week was my final week in the first course of cake decorating and we were able to decorate one last cake. I made the vanilla cake recipe I found at Sweetapolita, but, unfortunately, mine didn’t turn out quite right because I did not have any whole milk on hand. I’ll be trying this recipe again when I do have whole milk! After the cake was baked, I cut it into two tiers and put pudding in the middle.

On to the cake decorating…

We started class by making ribbon roses, which actually turned out to be pretty easy to make. Mine were kind of melty though, because my frosting was to loose. When I make these again I’m going to make sure to have stiff frosting- the people who had used stiffer frosting had much better results!

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to decorate my cake, but I decided to put all of my roses on (the instructor told me after-the-fact that I should put a clump of frosting down on the cake where the roses were going to go to give them more height and dimension). I wrote “Congratulations” on it only because it was one of the things we practiced…I didn’t really have anyone to give the cake to and since I wasn’t completely happy with how the actual cake tasted, I decided I wouldn’t be sharing this cake with others! Decorating the cake was still fun and I’m looking forward to starting the second course next week!

Week 4 Cake 2

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