Cake Decorating Week 2

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This week of cake decorating was exciting- we got to actually decorate a cake! After learning that the canned frosting was pretty hard to work with, I decided to make my own frosting this week. That was an excellent choice on my part- it was so much easier to work with, however, I’d like to try a different frosting recipe than the one suggested by the instructor. It tasted ok, but definitely not the best frosting I’ve ever had.

To begin the class, we cut our cake right in half, put pudding (or another filling) in the middle, then frosted the outside of the cake. I had made a vanilla cake from a box and brought dark chocolate pudding to fill it with.

We had to let the cakes sit so the frosting would dry, so during the time we were able to practice creating some different things with the rest of our frosting, such as leaves and rosettes.

After that, it was time to decorate our cakes! We had to smooth out the frosting, which we did using parchment paper. I wish I would have taken a bit more time to smooth mine out because there were quite a few imperfections. I chose to use an outline that was provided in the supplies for the class and create a cupcake on the top of my cake. I traced the outline of the shape onto parchment paper using sparkle gel, then transferred the sparkle gel to the top of my cake. Such an easy way to transfer the outline to the cake!

Cupcake Cake 1

I also added some dots to the side, along with a shell border.

Cupcake Cake 2

I was really surprised at how little time it took to decorate the cake. It was fun and I’m looking forward to decorating one of my favorite things next week- CUPCAKES!!!! Now to decide on the flavor…


4 thoughts on “Cake Decorating Week 2

    • I’m enjoying decorating and I just signed up for the second class. I’m really looking forward to learning how to create more of the flowers and such! I’m sure your cake looked great!! πŸ™‚

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