Cake Decorating Week 1

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This week I started a four week cake decorating class. Today we were just shown some of the basics and learned about the items in our kit. We also saw how to manipulate the frosting/butter cream so you have a perfect looking cake. I’m excited to try out these tricks next week when we actually get to decorate a cake!

We also learned how to create a shell, some squiggles, and a star using the frosting bag and a few different tips. I’m looking forward to trying out all the other tips to see what can be created! I’m glad I had experience using the a bag with a tip to decorate cupcakes and such- I think if I hadn’t I would have been a little lost in how much pressure to put on the bag and how to fill it with the frosting. One thing that made practicing and decorating extremely difficult was having extremely hard frosting, which actually came out of a can. I usually make the frosting when I’m making cupcakes or cakes and it’s always very smooth and easy to pipe. For the next classes, I’ll be making my frosting so I can make it the consistency that I want and then my hand (hopefully) won’t be cramping the entire class!

The best part of class today was being able to decorate some cookies using some different decorating tips. I put the butter cookies I made yesterday to good use!

Here is a sampling of how I decorated my cookies…I can’t say cookies are my favorite thing to decorate, but they were still fun! Some of them got a little messed up because the box I brought to bring them home in wasn’t big enough for all of them to lay flat.

Decorated Butter Cookies

I am so looking forward to making a cake to decorate next week! Any favorite recipes you think I should try? 🙂

Baking love,


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