The Best Butter Cookies Ever!

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Butter Cookies
I am starting a cake decorating class tomorrow and for the first class we have to bring cookies, either butter or sugar, to decorate. I decided to make butter cookies, which meant that I was on a search for the best butter cookie recipe I could find! Luckily, I came across a recipe on entitled “World’s Best Butter Cookies.” These cookies definitely lived up to  their name…and I really mean that!

When I first looked at the recipe, I didn’t really think anything of it- it looked like most other butter cookie recipes. Lots of butter and sugar…but these were AMAZING! I can’t wait to decorate them at my class tomorrow, however, I don’t think they need any frosting. They are so delicious on their own!

Some helpful tips and tricks…
-I put the dough in the refrigerator for a day. When I took it out, it was rock hard. Definitely pull it out at least a half hour ahead of time so you are able to roll out the dough and form your cookies (if that is what you are choosing to do)!
-I found that my cookies were done much sooner than the 16-18 minutes that is suggested in the recipe. That may have been because my cookies were thinner than 1/8″, but I thought they were thick enough…it may have been my oven as well! I suggest setting your timer for 13 minutes and adding a minute or two if they aren’t done quite yet.
-Be ready to eat the most delicious butter cookie ever. And then to eat another one just to be sure that’s what you really tasted… 🙂

Baking love,


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